This is a funny time of the year. Valentine’s day is coming up, and I should be bubbling with activity – but, as usual, I got a bad fever and my son did also, so I had a whole week stop. Not to mention my newborn baby girl, who is absorbing most of my energy now!

And this time of the year is also invoice time. I have basically one expense for my site, which includes domain and hosting, but it’s a fairly high one, even if it comes just once a year.
(Small note: yes, I’m using an inexpensive hosting service, but not a cheap one. Many people visit this site now, so I need quite a lot of bandwidth, and hosting space too. I want a reliable service, so I can be sure I don’t get complaints for Cuorhome being down most of the time. I’ve tried it some years ago, and I can tell it isn’t nice at all!)
This year my shops paid off this expense… but recently sales have dropped, and I am not sure if I’ll make it for next year.
Of course is my hobby, and I am not earning my living out of it, but it would be nice to break even, at least!

Where do my earnings come from, you may ask. I have two shops, where I sell t-shirts and lots of other things with my drawings. If you buy from them, I’ll get some pennies, and pennies will add up until I cover the costs. Simple, huh?
So, here are the sites:
CuorHome on
Cuorhome on CafePress:
I used to have an Etsy shop too, but I can’t keep up with it right now, so I closed it. Still, if you find in this blog something you like and belongs to that shop, just ask and I may be able to republish it and send it over!

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