pin cushion-1

Cute pincushion on a jar

The idea is very pretty, pity they don’t have a real explanation on how to make it!
(via Tatertots & Jello)

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  1. Posted December 15, 2011 at 12:50 am | #

    I took a 5 x 5 square piece of vintage fabric, hot glued it to the lid, leaving a small hole to stuff poly fil. Add as much filling as you would like and glue. That is it. I then screwed the ring down onto the lid and added more glue to secure. It was so easy!

  2. Posted December 15, 2011 at 11:10 pm | #

    Thank you for commenting here Cassie! It’s been lovely of you. Maybe I have an issue with my English, but I don’t get the “screwed the ring” part.
    EDIT: we don’t have mason’s jars in Italy, so it took a while for me to realize they have a double lid, and the one on top has a hole in the middle. This whole thing makes sense now… :-)

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