A week of projects – day 4: A new take on bunting

Here’s our new project with the Free printables: bunting! Follow our simple instructions and dress your home the festive way.


  1. Download our Valentine love thoughts printable(.jpg – 1.2 Mb) and our Valentine background (.jpg – 1.8 Mb)
  2. Color print them on the two sides of the same sheet of paper (they’re both in A4 size). Please note: the colors of the hearts on the two sides are not meant to match!
  3. Trim away the white margins on the sides of the stripes.
    Cut the stripes along the margins between the colors – they aren’t marked, but you should see them clearly. You’ll get 14 stripes.
  4. Curl up the upper part of each stripe by rolling it around a skewer. Pull it gently towards one of the sides to emphasize the curl. You can either curl the same length in all the stripes, or curl all except for the written part (the way I did for the photo).
  5. Tape the stripes to a string or ribbon, at the beginning of the curled part.
  6. Hang it, and you’re done!


  • To give more of a “flag” feeling to the stripes, cut the bottom of each to form two points, like in the photo. I shouldn’t say that, because you’d cut right through the copyright, but it really changes the looks of the whole project!!!
  • If you want to add your own thoughts, download and print the Valentine’s day hearty stripes (.jpg – 1 Mb) free printable, and use it instead of (or in addition to) the Love Thoughts, following the instructions above.

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