Valentine's day project: hanging hearts

A week of projects – day 3: Hanging hearts

Here are the hearts, at last!
You can see they come in different styles, but all of them have the same construction. Be sure to download all three our free printables ad follow the instructions below to make your own!


  1. Download all three our printables: Valentine love thoughts (.jpg – 1.2 Mb), Valentine background (.jpg – 1.8 Mb) and Valentine’s day hearty stripes (.jpg – 1 Mb)
  2. Print one copy each of the Valentine thoughts and Valentine stripes, on two different sheets onf thin cardboard
  3. On the reverse side of both the sheets, print the Valentine background. You can skip this step if you want to leave the inside of the hearts white.
  4. Cut out the stripes from both sheets, trimming away all the white borders
  5. Match the “blank” and “written” stripes in the same color.
  6. Now the fun part. follow the instructions from now on for each couple of matching strips.
    First put the strips on top of each other, reverse sides touching and love sentence towards you.
  7. Cut a piece of string/thread/ribbon in the length you need to hang your heart, plus some allowance. Set it aside.
  8. Glue or staple the stripes on the edge at your right (where the copyright is), sandwiching the string in between. This will be the bottom of your heart.
  9. Form the top of your heart: put some glue on the left end of the stripe and attach it to the end of the other stripe, sandwiching again the string. (Or staple the opposite end forming the shape of the heart.) The length of the string between the top and bottom of the heart will decide how “fat” the heart is.
  10. Adjust the shape of the heart curling the paper with your fingers. You’re done!

Once you get the grip of it, it’s easy to figure out how to make the different styles of hearts:

  • Basic ones can be made bigger or smaller by trimming the stripes to the desired length. Just leave 2cm (1″) before the written part for the love thought to show properly.
  • The one with the curls (on top of the picture) is made by glueing the top of the heart close to the written part and then curling the remaining end to the desired shape.
  • The heart on the bottom of the picture is made out of two “drops”: first glue the ends of both stripes separately, then attach them together putting the thread in the middle. This suits stripes with shorter sentences, but isn’t good for longer ones.

Tip: you can also make a garland with these hearts. Just alternate them with chain rings to the desired length.

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