Love chain

A week of projects – day 1: Love chain

Here’s the first of the projects you can make with my Valentine 2013 free printables!
Why not use them for a very special paper chain? Express your feelings to the one you love by decorating your special place to celebrate Valentine’s day!


  1. Download our Valentine love thoughts printable(.jpg – 1.2 Mb) and our Valentine background (.jpg – 1.8 Mb)
  2. Color print them on the two sides of the same sheet of paper (they’re both in A4 size). Please note: the colors of the hearts on the two sides are not meant to match!
  3. On the side of the stripes, cut the whites on the top and the bottom of the printed sheet. You may have some white part on the left side. Cut that too. Leave the copyright part on the right side (it will be glued anyway).
  4. Cut the stripes along the margins between the colors. They aren’t marked, but you should see them clearly. Cut through the copyright too. You’ll get 14 stripes with a white edge on the right side.
  5. Put glue on the white (written) edge and roll the stripes to form rings. Interlock them with each other to form a chain.
  6. Hang it where you find suitable to celebrate Valentine’s day with love!

Tip: If you want to add your own thoughts and feelings to the chain, download our Blank hearty stripes printable (.jpg – 1 Mb) and follow the instructions given before. Don’t forget to write your love thoughts right after printing!

Crafting with children: print the blank stripes and let the children write their own thoughts, then link all the stripes in a colorful and joyful chain!

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